1. adventuresinhires:

    Two artists have brought to life of some of the most beloved locales in the magical worlds of fantasy fiction. The exquisite pieces—created in Photoshop by artists Peter and Radu behind the Etsy shop The Green Dragon Inn—offer escapes to King’s Landing, Diagon Alley, Rivendell, and other imaginary places from the Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings series. Because what book and art lover wouldn’t want to deck out their walls with gorgeous renderings of their favorite fictional jaunts?

  2. This dude is nuts. Look at that fucking detail. Seriously. Mad chops from Chad Michael Studio.

  3. James Victore is lucky I wasn’t around when he was outside my apartment to shoot this video. 

  4. Inspecting Yosemite's Icons →

    A pretty in-depth analysis of Apple’s new OSX icons. There are a few strikeouts IMHO but let’s see what it looks like come launch.

  5. The Hunger Games gets The Expendables treatment. God, these are awful.

  6. Hands down the scariest damn thing I have ever seen. I would never.

  7. Theres a whole bunch of these and i had to watch them all, more over here.

  8. Great interview with George R. R. Martin about his process, the pressure, inspiration and the world inside his head.

  9. National Geographic Photo Contest 2014.

  10. This guy gets me.

    (Source: Fast Company)

  11. Was pretty wow’ed by the work from Marx, a New Zealand branding and packing agency.

  12. My main man, Michael Beirut, breaking it down on what makes a logo endure and his relationship with Massimo Vignelli.

  13. Watch the birth of a wristwatch and have your mind completely blown. Although i kind of wish i got to wear one of those monocle magnifiers at my job…

  14. This is crazy. Girl went HAM on Disney constellations. →

    A recent grad from the UK photoshopped out every star from every Disney movie since 1940 (Pinocchio) to create a Disney universe and the result is just bonkers. Thats the only word for it, bonkers.

  15. Oh, just another James Victore post…