1. The worst possible user experiences by Katerina Kamprani. Some of my clients have come entirely too close to something like this.

  2. Type to the Rescue! Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions →

  3. What an amazing and inspiring idea. This kid, Ethan King, is going to do big, big, things one day.

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  4. A GoPro video of a pelican learning to fly.

  5. A photographer who calls himself Qozop (click to view more) shot photos of parents with their children (or grandchildren) both before and after they switched clothes. I’d loved to have seen my Grandpa in thick black frames, jeans and a flannel - he’d have been so hip.

  6. Infamous amps illustrated by David Carames

  7. Finally! A stock photo collection that has some honestly behind it. Read the story behind it here. Good job, Getty.

  8. Ok, by far the dopest thing I’ve posted in a long, long, time. These are the nominees for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. Its a shame I can’t  post more than 10 because there are so many more cool photos to check out here.

  9. Found these cool pictures of Shaolin Monks training. Makes my day job seem like the easiest thing in the world. I just wish there was some context behind these pics. 

  10. typostrate:


    A project initiated by Leonardo Senna typographer and art director from Sáo Paulo, Brazil. Work is something playful for him, that’s why tthis typography artwork is kind of fantasticaly spontaneous. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by people. In the market, bar, coffee shop or on the street. But as we get caught up in the speed of everyday life, we do not notice these people even what’s on their mind. These artworks, through photos and handmade typography, imagines their inner thoughts, their attitudes, wishes, dreams and dark sides. It’s quite interesting what others see in yourself without knowing you. A very fascinating project that we love!

    Typostrate on: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Tumblr

  11. Ridiculous, beautiful, and heartwarming all in one. Check out The Tutu Project to find out what why this dudes rocking a pink tutu (its worth it).

  12. This is a series i can get behind! Super excited to introduce you to a mini doc about the artist behind Black Flag, Raymond Pettibon.

  13. Subjectively I think this song sucks, but its pretty much a fact that the animation on this is totally rad. Carine Khalife is the artist who use oil on glass to basically do time-stop photography in order to create this awesome oil painting effect. I totally made that sound easier than it probably was.

    Update: If you liked this, i recommend checking out the link below. It was done by Daniel Sierra for his MFA at SVA. Probably cooler than the one above actually.


  14. This dudes work is tits! (dum dum ching!) While this is probably NSFW, hipster supreme, Pokras Lampas, does his thing (caligraphy) on some models for Molotov Markers.

  15. This is an unsurprising experiment that says a lot about how we perceive ourselves. Celebrating “real beauty” once again—and better than ever—by Dove.